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Activity fields:

  • Mediation: the preferred way

  • Family law: Marriage matters, Divorce, Wills,  etc'

  • Civil law and Litigation

  • Arbitration: representing in front of arbitrators, appeal and cancellation of verdicts.


About Aviad Dayan

A qualified lawyer with background as an Engineer with B.Sc in Computer Engineering  and M.Sc in Industrial and Management Engineering, with vast experience in Marketing and Management of Telecom projects.

LLB - Bachelor of Laws – Ono Academy - and a member of the Israeli Bar Association

A member of the Lasting Power of Atterney committee of the Israeli Bar and Center County
A member of the Family committee of the Israeli Bar



Resolution of Commercial and Legal Disputes via alternatives such as Negotiations, Conciliation, Mediation or Arbitration.

Solve family matters using gentle ways such as Conciliation and Mediation


Office: 24 HaNagar st., Hod Hasharon

Phone: +972-9-7655656    Fax: +972 - 9-7655650

Mobile: +972-52-8568545 

Email:  adv@dayan.name 



Pictures of the office: here








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